A Message from Jamie Macnab of Macnab, 24th Chief of Clan Macnab

A Message from Jamie Macnab of Macnab, 24th Chief of Clan Macnab

Jamie Macnab of Macnab, 24th Chief of Clan Macnab

Jamie Macnab of Macnab, 24th Chief of Clan Macnab

I was born on 22nd March 1963. My father was "younger of Macnab" at that time.  I can remember seeing a cutting from a newspaper saying that I was the "younger, younger of Macnab". Apparently a pipe band greeted my return to Killin from the maternity hospital in Edinburgh.

I had a very happy upbringing in Killin with my sisters Virginia and Katie and my brother Geoffrey. We lived first at Finlarig and then at Kinnell. I started at the local primary school but we were sent away to boarding school - I went first to Belhaven prep school and then onto Glenalmond college.

After school I spent 15 months in Australia working on sheep stations which belonged to my mother’s Australian cousins. The idea was for me to be toughened up by the experience but I think I came back pretty much the same person as I was before.  On my return to the UK I worked as a land agent in Dorset for a year and then went to the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester to do a diploma in Land Management.  I joined Savills immediately after leaving college in 1987 in the land management department in Brechin in Angus.

After qualifying as a chartered surveyor I moved to Edinburgh as an assistant in the farm and estates sales department.  I soon moved into country house sales - a job I have continued to this day. I specialise in properties at the top end of the market and have been fortunate to sell some of Scotland's best castles and country houses.  I have met and acted for a wonderful range of people during my career.

I met Dr Jane Macintosh in Edinburgh in the early 1990’s. In true Macnab tradition we got engaged in Killin and visited the Burial Island. We got married in 1994 and bought a large apartment in Edinburgh's Georgian New Town where we have lived ever since.  We have been blessed with two fantastic children - Daisy born in 1999 and James born in 2000. James is the 9th first born son in a row to be christened James.

I was brought up into a rural way of life and did a lot of shooting when I was young.  In my teens and twenties I had some speed and played rugby - for Cirencester College, Howe of Fife and Edinburgh Wanderers. I also used to run in the Lochearnhead Highland Games each year. As I slowed down my attention turned to golf.  My mother's family (Anstruther) were original members of the R&A and I was very proud to become a member in 2011. I still cannot believe how lucky I am every time I tee up on the first on The Old Course.

I have followed my father becoming a Member of the Royal Company of Archers, The Queens Body Guard in Scotland. We parade at Holyrood Palace for the Royal Garden Party each year and I have also been on a parade at Buckingham Palace.

My father was keen to re-establish a Clan Macnab society in Scotland.  Following the success of the Year of Homecoming in 2009 I have met with Alistair, Ken and Duncan Mcnab and we are moving slowly towards that objective. Our biggest challenge is finding a secretary who has time to get this up and going because we all struggle with the pressures of work and family lives.

I have been on the Executive of the Standing Council of Clan Chiefs as a representative of the heirs.  This has given me a great insight into how the organisation and other clans operate.

I feel both proud and humble to now be Chief of the Clan. I hope that I can be a point of focus for Clansmen and women from throughout the world and that you will all feel free to contact me. My work email: jmacnab@savills.com is the best way to reach me.

Gun Eagal

Jamie Macnab of Macnab

22 Royal Crescent

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  1. We live in the McNab township area of Ontario Canada named for your ancestor who populated it with pioneers from Scotland. First we would like to congratulate you on becoming 24th Chief of clan McNab. We wanted to tell you about the McNab and District Celtic Heritage Society formed in October 2013.Already we have done a St Andrew’s Day Medieval Feast in November 2013 and are doing a St David’s Day and a Tartan Day event in March and April 2014.The focus of our group is to educate our communities about their historical heritage. Already members of this group put on a Scottish Festival as an anchor event in the local McNab Days 10 day festival. Our event focuses on the pioneers who established McNab township in Ontario. We would like to fill the McNab Chief in with a bit more information about us, but we would like to be sure about where this e-mail is going. Thank you
    Boyd MacLaren chair of McNab Celtic Heritage Society

  2. I am an author of historical fiction (many books published) seeking Clan MacNab history from the first half of the 15th century, and I am finding very little. A wonderful MacNab who lives here in Northern California, made the highest bid at our Burns Night Supper to have his name in my next book. I am in the process of determining what sort of character he might represent.

    The story takes place primarily in Rothiemurchus and Strathnairn in 1430. So far, the only (possibly) pertinent information I have is from Wikipedia … that “Angus Macnab was brother-in-law of John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch who was murdered by Robert the Bruce in 1306” and that Angus “then joined forces with the Clan MacDougall in their campaign against the Bruce,” and later forfeited. Am I correct in deducing that the lack of history between then and the 17th century means that there is no further information about that period?

    I try hard to get my facts straight, so I would greatly appreciate any help I can find. I do have Comyns in the story (and Mackintoshes). Thanks very much. Sincerely, Amanda Scott

    • I am trying to find the history of my family. My help would be appreciated. My father is Terry l mcnabb and his father is jack mcbabb. We are from Johnson city TN.

      • Hi Robert
        My apologies for the delayed reply – apparently I need to pay more attention!
        The best place for you to start with research is within your own family, by talking to any of the older generation who are still alive, and gathering what information you can from them. Once you get back a few generations, you will be able to access public records such as birth, marriage, death and census records that will further aid your research. You may also want to consider DNA testing and joining the Macnab surname DNA project, as this will potentially help connect you with others with a common line of descent. If you would like more information on the DNA project, please feel free to email me at macnabhistory@gmail.com
        Loraine Smith
        Shennachie to the Chief of Clan Macnab

  3. Hello, my name is Adriana Dodgson and I would like to research my Grandads name (Gilbert Victor MacNab) Do you have any pointers as to which section of the MacNab he may hail from. Thank you in advance. Regards Adriana

  4. Hi Adriana
    My apologies for the delayed reply. If you would like to email me at macnabhistory@gmail.com with a little more information about your MacNabs, I’d be happy to see what I can do to point you in the right direction. Are there any living males of the Macnab name in your family – uncles, cousins, brothers? If so, yDNA testing would be one way for you to find out more about which group of MacNabs you connect to. However, if you’re able to tell me more about where your Grandad was from, that may help as well – I look forward to hearing from you.
    Loraine Smith
    Shennachie to the Chief of Clan Macnab

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