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 Macnab Pistols

    pistol4     A clansman has acquired an interesting pair of flintlock belt pistols, which bear the Macnab crest and motto. They were made about 1770 by Joseph Adams of Birmingham and are very finely decorated with silver furniture. They have been adapted in contemporary times with the addition of a belt...

Greenville Highland Games

2016-Greenville-Scottish-Games-poster-72ppi Just a reminder to everyone that the Greenville Highland Games are coming up soon - May 27 and 28 - in Greenville, South Carolina. Our Clan Chief, Jamie Macnab of Macnab has been invited to be the honored guest! Please see the games website  at

WANTED : John NcNab of Callander

wantedposter   John McNab of Callander was Historian for the first Clan Macnab Association in the UK, and wrote the first Clan History, published in 1907. I have several of his letters, which make it clear that he had a collection of Macnab family trees (mostly for the Cadet...