MacNabs of the Past

Sir Allan Macnab, Prime Minister of Canada between 1854 and 1856

James Macnabb, the 21st Chief, won a gold medal in rowing in the coxless fours at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. His son,

the 23rd Chief of Clan Macnab, 'The Macnab' and his wife Diana worked tirelessly to revive the global fortunes of the Macnabs . James died in January 2013, Diana in January 2012.

Francis Macnab, the most colourful Macnab chief (1734 - 1816). He stood 6ft 3in tall and reputedly as strong as an ox, 'Big Francus', he drank gambled and womanised - it is said that he fathered at least 32 children
- squandered the family fortune, leaving behind him a whopping £35,000 debt. He also had an illicit still from which he produced a high quality dram. Francis Macnab is the subject in a famous paiting by Sir HenryRaeburn.