Message From Chief

A message from our Chief…

Dear Clansmen

The summer has been a period of consolidation for me and my family following the
death of my father and his Memorial in Killin in March. I was his executor so
have had to conclude all of his financial affairs. We also sold his house in St
Andrews. It was a perfect retirement home for him after the loss of my mother
so it was sad that he had less than a year there. Our home in Edinburgh is now
full to bursting with excess furniture, dozens of boxes of his papers and a lot
of Macnab memorabilia.

Life is now beginning to settle down for us a family. Daisy our 14 year old
daughter has returned home after a year away at boarding school in England. She
has started at Fettes in Edinburgh as a day girl. She is loving it and we are
loving having her at home and being able to watch her hockey matches. Our son
James who is 12 will go to Fettes next September. He faces a busy few months
studying for an Academic and All Round Scholarships. Fettes is a magnificent
Scots Baronial building which has achieved world wide fame as it is believed to
have inspired Hogwarts Castle in J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter books.

We have had glorious summer weather in Scotland for the first time in about a
decade and it has made a huge difference. The family had a week on a beach in
Cornwall at the start of the summer and we all had two weeks in Italy for our
main summer holiday. We took apartments in Castles in both Tuscany and Umbria.
We particularly liked Tuscany and have already booked a fortnight there for July
next year.

On the Clan Macnab front my main objective is to re-launch the web site Amanda Moffet of Scot Clans has kindly offered to do this for
me. She and her husband Roger are very active in clan affairs and have a great
knowledge and understanding of what it is all about. We hope that the new site
will link Macnabs from all over the world with Scotland and that Clansmen will
contribute their own photographs and personal stories to it. We will also use
it to promote events such as the American trip to Scotland in the summer of next
year led by Lanny Mcnabb which will be focused on the Killin Highland Games on
Wednesday 6th August 2014.

On a general clan front I am on the executive of the Standing Council of a
Scottish Chiefs. The SCSC has just run a very successful Church Service in St
Giles to commemorate the Battle of Flodden in 1513. This disastrous battle saw
huge Scottish loss on the battlefield and the death of our King. It framed
Scotland's relationship with England going forward into modern times. There was
huge publicity for the service and a photograph of all the Chiefs who attended
has been published in most of the UK newspapers and it was featured on the
national TV news.

SCSC has formed a strong relationship with COSCA in the US. Many of the Clan
Chiefs are made Chieftan of Highland Games in the US. I hope that this is an
opportunity that I will be given in the future.

I was very pleased to feature in Scots Heritage Magazine. They took a photograph
of me on the Old Course in St Andrews which they used on the front cover. As an
R&A member I play the Old Course regularly but please rest assured that my
attire is usually more demure! The article they wrote was first class and
greatly boosted the profile of our clan.

I wish Macnabs everywhere well. I hope that you will all have a look at and that you will contribute to it. I also hope to meet as many
of you as possible in Killin in August 2014.

Yours Aye

Jamie Macnab of Macnab